Feb. 29 – Twilight (612)

Don’t leave me alone in the twilight
Twilight is the loneliest time of day

Robbie Robertson “Twilight”

This is the first Leap Day that Great River Radio has ever aired, and most likely the last.  Given that we are on an irregular and reduced schedule this semester, we’ll be packing a lot of different ideas into this show.  I realized that this week would have to serve as the annual movie show, in spite of the fact that this year there were only two songs nominated for Academy Awards and I wasn’t about to play either of them.  But I did find a few things from the soundtracks of some of my favorite movies of the year.

I’m also going to be doing a set today that was inspired by a song from the last show – “Favorite Time of Light” by Over the Rhine.  I’ve got a set of songs about the end of the day, about evening, about twilight, the loneliest time of day, according to Robbie Robertson.  (Thanks, Bill, who helped me with this one.)

And since it is probably the only Leap Day Great River Radio ever, we’ll do “Leap Year Blues” by Big Bill Broonzy. Remember, ladies, propose to your man today and he has to accept!

Tune in this afternoon for music from the movies “The Tree of Life,” “The Descendants” (the great Gabby Pahinui), “The Beginners” and “Midnight in Paris.”  We’ve got something from the local compilation Minnesota Remembers Vic Chestnutt, and new music from The Pines, Heartless Bastards, Laura Gibson and Kathleen Edwards.  I just discovered Canadian singer Jill Barber and am loving her “Oh My My” – another great “Doctor, I’m love sick” song.  (Hey there’s another confluence idea!)  And happy music from the Sierra Leone Refugee All Stars.

Finally, we’ll close with this week’s Confluence, a set of songs about the end of the day, perhaps your favorite time of day, perhaps the saddest or loneliest time of day, but apparently an evocative time for songwriters.  We’ve got music from Nick Drake, Ron Sexsmith, Richard and Linda Thompson.  We’ve Robbie Robertson’s “Twilight” done simply, by him on the piano – an awesome track.

Please join us today from 4:15-5:45 p.m. for Great River Radio.

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Brian and Dan

River-Alexandre Desplat
He’eia-Gabby Pahinui & Sons of Hawaii
Bistro Fadaa-Stephane Wrembel
Stardust-Hoagy Carmichael
Leap Year Blues-Big Bill Broonzy
Living Stone-Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars
Supernatural-Brad Senne
All The While-The Pines
La Grande-Laura Gibson
Empty Threat-Kathleen Edwards
Working Titles-Damien Jurado
Parted Ways-Heartless Bastards
Oh My My-Jill Barber
Day Is Done-Nick Drake
Dimming Of The Day-Richard Thompson
Twilight (Song Sketch)-Robbie Robertson
And Now The Day Is Done-Ron Sexsmith
In The Evening-Etta James

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