Your Favorites in 2008

Now it’s your turn. What music moved you in 2008? What got you rockin’? What song are you still trying to peal from your earbuds? Post your favorites from the year, and we’ll try to pull them together for a GRR request show. 

Thanks for your very generous contribution of time and requests during the last year. Remember, without you GRR is just a couple of lonely guys playing DJ in the basement.




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6 responses to “Your Favorites in 2008

  1. David

    TV on the Radio – DLZ – Dear Science
    or some Frightened Rabbit

  2. DJ/TC

    A mere sampling of 2008 faves. Not because they are the best songs of the year, but because they clicked for me for some reason at the time.

    Gnarls Barkley – Run – The Odd Couple. The whole CD doesn’t really hold interest, but this single rips it. So does the video.

    Motley Crue – Saints of Los Angeles – SOLA. I am proud to say that I have listened to this song many, many times. So sue me.

    Billy Currington – Don’t – Little Bit of Everything. A vaguely early-80’s sounding country pop gem. Again, no apologies.

  3. lunarowlar

    at first thought, it’s gotta be “say hey (I love you)” – franti & spearhead.
    see you’re hip to it, as it’s on this playlist.
    saw them in concert last week, and they do a very lively show –
    the whole place went nuts all night.

    gotta say beyonce’s “single girls (put a ring on it)” kinda does it, as well.

  4. Tonia

    I can’t pick one, but I can narrow it down to 2:

    Death Cab for Cutie “I will possess your heart” — a song has to be good when you’re not sick of it after 8 minutes (the full length of the song). I was not a DCFC fan until this song came out, and I purchased their entire cd, which is one of my favorite albums of 2008.

    The Verve “Love is Noise” — they’re back! And this song, in opinion, is as good as their classics (e.g., Bittersweet Symphony).

  5. Kelly

    Meiko … Boys With Girlfriends
    OAR … Shattered
    Good Charlotte … I Don’t Want to Be in Love
    Graveyard Girl … M83
    Chic … Le Freak–oh, wait, never mind, that was 1978!

  6. lunarowlar

    here’s another one.
    have only heard a couple of time on the radio.
    don’t even know if it’s 2008 or not:
    “frankie’s gun” – by felice (sp?) brothers

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