Oct. 14, 2008

Note: Due to audio issues, this is a rebroadcast – without Dan and our witty banter – of the Oct. 14 show.   

In starlit nights I saw you
So cruelly you kissed me
Your lips a magic world
Your sky all hung with jewels
The killing moonWill come too soon
The Killing Moon – Echo and the Bunnymen

Arguably one of the best songs by one of the most talented alternative acts in the 1980s, “The Killing Moon” is subject to many interpretations. For our purposes at Great River Radio, let’s connect Echo’s masterpiece to tonight’s full “Hunter’s Moon.” Not as imposing as the low-hanging “Harvest Moon” in September, the “Hunter’s Moon” recognizes the final days of field work in rural areas where the deer and fox have suddenly lost their cover and find themselves vulnerable to those securing food for the long winter. And yet, Ian McCulloch finds a parallel between this ancient ritual and the trials of love. Now that’s talent. (You can see “The Killing Moon” video below.)

Last week we had more than 300 page views after announcing the launch of the new site in last week’s GRR reminder. That’s incredible! Feel free to leave a comment on the site – you can do that at the bottom of each post. Tell us what you liked about the previous show – or what you didn’t like. And leave a request – we’ll do our best to play what you want to hear. You can also find out what we’ve been listening to by clicking on the “Heavy Rotation” tab above.

We have two hours of great music for tonight’s show, including tunes by Jennifer O’Connor, Bob Dylan, Greg Laswell and Conor Oberst. There will be more new music from Luke Doucet, Lucinda Williams, Ray LaMontagne, Tom Morello and even a selection from the upcoming New Standards release. We’ll also do a set of music by acts that have made a stop in Twin Cities during the last week – Fleet Foxes, Matt Wilson and Broken Social Scene.

Next Week: Many of you might know that Dan and his sweetheart, Lisa, will be getting married in a couple of weeks. And given that we are due for a theme show here on Great River Radio, we got to thinking … music means a lot to all us – especially on special occasions. And much like a coveted holiday membership to the Jelly-of-the-Month club, music is the “gift that keeps giving all year round.” So, here’s our idea: If you could give a wedding gift of music, what would that one song be? Granted, there are many interpretations of this request. But that’s where your personality and music taste comes in.

Send us an email with your request (artist and song). Or better yet, post your request as a comment on the website. But keep in mind the Great River Radio playlist – no Top 40, no Righteous Brothers, and keep the cheese to a minimum. Creativity, thoughtfulness and Indie music requests will be rewarded.

The Killing – Moon Echo And The Bunnymen
Graveyard Girl – M83
Music Killed Me – I’m From Barcelona
A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall – Bob Dylan
Blood’s Too Rich – Luke Doucet
Susannah – The Flops
Your Protector – Fleet Foxes
Super Connected – Broken Social Scene
How the Day Sounds – Greg Laswell
Hallelujah In The City – Joan Osborne
Release The Stars – Rufus Wainwright
Daylight – Matt and Kim
Here With Me – Jennifer O’Connor
God Put A Smile Upon Your Face – Mark Ronson
This Is The Life – Amy MacDonald
Rock And Roll – The New Standards
Mexico City – Jolie Holland
Saint Isabelle – The Nightwatchman
Cape Canaveral – Conor Oberst
You Won’t Be Able to Be Sad – Break And Repair Method
Long Division – Slow Runner
Let It Be Me – Ray LaMontagne
Real Love – Lucinda Williams



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5 responses to “Oct. 14, 2008

  1. Jim Winterer


    One of the most uplifting pieces of music I can think of:

    http://www.cheesedays.com/song.htm . You can click to hear it.

    I know you think I send you odd bits of music from time to time, so this time I thought I’d redeem myself and make up for all that past nonsense.

  2. Chris

    Love the site guys. My gift would have to be the Boss’s “If I Should Fall Behind,” preferably the version on…. dang, can’t remember which DVD it is – anyway, it is a live version with the E-Street, and they all sing a verse….. great version, but any version will do. Congrats Dan and Lisa. I wish you the best!

  3. bcbrown

    Excellent choice, brother. One of my all-time favorites. Especially when Bruce sings it with Patti Scialfa.

  4. Mary Burke

    Welcome to the family Dan!

    Love and Misery by Tobias Froberg with Ane Brun

    (title reflective of nothing….I hope)

    The Best Is Yet To Come, Nancy Wilson

  5. lunarowlar

    oh, how to pick just one?
    think I’m going to go with “something old”
    (“new” & “borrowed,” too, as it turns out):

    “In den Augen liegt das Herz”
    words by Franz von Kobell, music by Franz Wilhelm Abt

    performed by Beth Nielson Chapman on
    “Beautiful Dreamer ~ the songs of Stephen Foster”
    in translation as “In the Eyes Abides the Heart.”

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